Salt Lakes

Solotvyno lakes are a group of small lakes of anthropogenic origin in the Zakarpattia region of Ukraine, within the town of Solotvyno. Most lakes have very salty water, but there are iodized and freshwater bodies.

The largest lake is Kunigunda. Salinity of water in lakes up to 200 ‰. Water temperature in summer is up to 25-27 ° C. Solotvyno lakes arose as a result of subsidence of rocks during the extraction of salt from nearby salt mines. The first of the lakes, Kunigunda, arose in 1902 as a result of the subsidence of a 20-meter recently discovered salt mine.

Solotvyno lakes are a resort area, bathing in salt water is used to treat musculoskeletal system, fractures, radiculitis, psoriasis and other diseases. A large number of sanatoriums and recreation centers have been opened on the shores of lakes over the past 10-15 years

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